Essex CW Group   July 10th, 2013

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Time is marching on and in just over two weeks time we will have the Essex CW Club here operating their “GB100” station for two days. The dates are the 24th and 25th of July. They will be using two separate Elecraft K3 stations with companion linears. So we need to get building! Generally we don’t carry completed K3 transceivers because many customers need extras installed and it is far easier to do this during the main build. We generally keep no more than abut 5 radios in stock so that we can make sure that we are supplying the latest versions. Generally speaking we get a shipment every three weeks as this way we can also add any spares or special orders that customers may need. We do usually have at least one K3 that is part built and this means we can quickly complete the build once we know if there are any extras that customers may need.

The Essex CW Club will be a good test of how well two stations can co-exist on different HF bands. The K3 is renowned for having probably the lowest phase noise output which gives it a head start when operating in close proximity to another transxeicer.

Visitors to the operation will be most welcome and operation will take place all day on both dates with the possibility of evening operation as well. If you want to visit and are coming some distance, you can alway give us a call to check the latest operating times.

For further details of the Essex Cw Group, please click here. Peter G3OJV

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