Flex-6700   July 4th, 2013

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The new Flex radio 6000 series is about to be launched. In fact some American customers have already received theirs. It is very early days yet but reports look good and the receiver section seems to have already had some excellent reports back from customers. There are a few comments about perceived snags which in the main seem to be lack of understanding of the radio which is quite complex. As it is totally dependent on the software, there are many opportunities to make a few errors in setting up. The specification is very comprehensive but some of the figures on the web site are provisional. However, two features that are very striking are the fact that the receiver covers 4m and 2m – (sadly not the transmitter) – and you can create up to 8 receivers which is great for monitoring a wide range of frequencies at the same time. The radio has been a long while in coming, but first indications are that the wait was worth it. We hope to get our demo model in the next few days. European versions (CE tested) should follow quite soon now.

We have been representing FlexRadio right from the very beginning when they introduced the Flex-1000 to the world market. It won the hearts of many operators and I made a tour of quite a few clubs explaining the virtues of SDR. Things have come a long way since then with the Flex-1500, Flex-3000 and Flex-5000. They have all made their mark in the market and in terms of volume sales the leader is probably the “3000” with its 100W, auto ATU and coverage up to 6m. The Company deserves praise for the little Flex-1500 which not only made SDR affordable to many, it also caught the imagination of the QRP fraternity. But the performance star was the Flex-5000 that has been the mainstay of many DX stations. About the only ongoing criticism has been the CW latency that prevented anything above moderate speeds from being used. That final hurdle has been jumped now and the new “6700’ can handle CW speeds well above what most of us would use. So now we sit waiting for the Flex-6700 to come through our door. Peter G3OJV. www.wsplc.com

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