Kenwood Japan Visit Waters & Stanton   June 27th, 2013


There can be little doubt as to the popularity and the success of the Kenwood new TS-990s transceiver. They have managed to put into this package, just about everything that the modern ham operator could wish for, including an extra 3dab in the shape of a 200W power amplifier. And because of this increased power it means that you also get built-in power supply for your money.

Kenwood, like the majority of Japanese manufacturers take a very keen interest in how their products are received and what features they should consider for future developments. And for this reason, they visited Wares & Stanton yesterday to talk about the TS-990S and future products. In the photo above are Peter Waters, Jeff Stanton and the head designer of Kenwood Ham Radio division.

It was an interesting meeting and was particularly reassuring that Kenwood continue to regard ham radio as an important part of their business.

Peter G3OJV

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