Which Direction?   June 23rd, 2013


One of the great things about ham radio is the very wide range of interests across the spectrum. And it is equally amazing how we all manage to choose an area that is special for us and gives us most pleasure. But not only do we have our areas of interest, we also have particular bands that interest us. It is more difficult to determine why some bands attract some and other bands attract others.

My first band of operation was 160m. I chose this band because it was the band most hams in the 50s and 60s cut there teeth on. It provided good local contacts and was very easy to build equipment for. A tube designed for audio power amplification purposes would usually work fine as an RF amplifier on 160m. And in those days, gardens tended to be bigger, so it was usually no problem to be able to put up a quarter wave length or more of wire,

And then we have those who are HF only or VHF only operatots. Some even are UHF only. There is indeed a very wides spread of possible bands to operate on. Few are able or have the time to operate on all the different bands and so a choice is inevitable. But what does seem to happen is that we view bands almost as if they have a character
of there own, which I suppose is true.. And that is probably why many of us have favorite bands. Some will struggle to work DX on 160m whereas it would be so much easier to use 40m or 20m. Others will sit and wait for 10m to open.The WARC bands seem to be the favorite of those who detest contests.

Much of this is all about challenge, and not always choosing the best band for the job. But whichever way that you look at, ham radio has an awful lot to offer and there are so many choices to make, it is sometimes difficult to know which choice is the best for you. But that is the charm of rhe hobby!

Peter G3OJV

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