Seein Red on 2 Metres   June 21st, 2013

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The day before yesterday at lunch time, I put out several CQs on 144.300MHz without getting a reply. Listening around at the few beacons I normally receive it was obvious to me that the band was flat. That evening I had to go to London and whilst in a restaurant in the City I looked on my phone and saw red. Yes a mass of red – on DXmaps. I got home late that night by which time the band was dead again.

Yesterday at lunch time I listened on 2m briefly and the band was dead. Just as I was about to return to work I had a text from G0KSC telling me that he had been working into Italy on 2m the evening I was in London, and that I should keep an eye on 2m. So just before returning to work for the afternoon I doubled checked 2m. No, it was definitely dead. Dead as the proverbial Dodo! And as I write this at 5.30pm, afew hours later, at work I see that 2m is wide open and G0KSC tells me that he has just worked Greece and Bulgaria. Once again I see red!

Peter G3OJV

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July 3rd, 2013 at 1:04 pm
David Says:

No such thing as a dead band – only one that lacks activity. This is the biggest problem in ham radio – tune in, hear no signals, switch off! (especially VHF) Well done for calling CQ.

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