Elecraft KXPA100 Now Taking Orders   June 20th, 2013


Here are the official specifications for this long awaited amplifier. To place an order call +44 (0) 1702 206835.

100 W output on 160-6 m with 5 W input typical
*   13.8 VDC powered; 20 A typical current drain
*   7 lbs with KXAT100 installed.  10 x 5.125 x 4.25″
*   Compact unit ideal for both desktop and mobile use
*   Solid-state diode T/R switching — fast, silent T/R and QSK
*   Large convection-cooled heat sink for reliable and quiet operation
*   Modern design with rugged MOSFET output stage
*   Internal wide-range automatic antenna tuner (KXAT100 ATU option)
*   Second ant. jack with KXAT100 ATU option; controlled by KX3’s ANT switch
*   Fast, bright LED bar graphs – power & status; KXAT100 ATU adds SWR bar graph
*   Seamless integration with the Elecraft KX3 transceiver
*   Works well with any low-power transceiver, requiring only RF and PA KEY inputs
*   RF-based frequency counter automatically switches bands with any rig
*   Optional band-data support the K3/10, KX3, Yaesu FT-817, Icom IC-703, plus other
*   Dual APP power connectors for optional daisy-chaining of 13.8 V to power rig
*   Optional KXPACBL for KX3 to the KXPA100 – single cable keying, band data, & control
  KXPA100’s PC port for remote-control and logging applications
*   KXAT100 internal ATU option matches up yo 10:1 SWR (5:1 on 160 m * 6 m)*   KXAT100 ATU settings saved per band, and segment, and per antenna for instant recall

The KX3 Hears Japan on 6m

Justin, G0KSC operated from Spain during the RSGB 6m contest. His regular transceiver had developed a fault and so at the last minute he borrowed a KX3. Well I think he was blown away by its performance. He was hearing JA on 6m whilst other EA stations were apparently not hearing them. Of course you need a decent antenna, bur as the founder and designer of InnovAntennas, Justin was in a better position than most to make sure that he had a goof antenna system!

Peter G3OJV

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