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Over the past couple of weeks I have read and heard about how conditions on the HF bands have been disappointing for many operators. Yet i am also talking with some top operators who are continuing to enjoy working DX. It seems that there is a common denominator between the two opinions as to band conditions and that is the antenna system.

If you live in the average modern QTH where the garden dimensions are small and you cannot erect a tower, then you will likely not be very happy with the band conditions. If on the other hand you are blessed with a large garden and a beam, you may have simply noticed that signals are down a couple of S-points!

I have talked about small gardens in the past and the options available, but when conditions are poor there really is very little answer other than waiting for them to improve! i have also touched on the subject of noise on the bands and the amount of RF rubbish that most of us are surrounded by. I am sure that if we went back 30 years, and suffered the same poor conditions, we would have coped much better. It has often been said that if you cannot hear them then you cannot work them. That is so true.

But here’s a thought; if you had a huge antenna farm and could work everything that was around and were always top of the queue for that rare DX station, would you eventually get bored? Would the absence of any real challenge suddenly remove the enjoyment from the hobby? Perhaps some of us, with small gardens and far less certainty of what we can and cannot work on a daily basis, are actually getting more fun out of the hobby? It’s an interesting thought to ponder. Peter G3OJV

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