On The Move   April 5th, 2017

This week we are beginning the move in ernest. Here is a van full of StppIR antennas getting ready to be shipped to Portsmouth. The main movement of goods from our Hockley warehouse to Portsmouth, is scheduled to take place ov er the next seven days.  There will still be some residual stock at the Hockley warehouse and the warehouse will continue to operate in a secondary capacity for the remainder of April. The Jockley shop contents have been largely transferred to Portsmouth nd the phone lines from Hockley are now being answered by operators in both Hockley and Portsmouth.

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On The Move   April 3rd, 2017

We have now moved our retail operation to Portsmouth. This is totally transparent. Visitors will receive the same welcome as they did in Hockley. There are currently alterations in progress that will extend the retail shop area in Portsmouth to more than double what it currently is. This will become the largest ham radio retail showroom in the UK.


Our mail order operation is currently being manned in both Portsmouth and Hockley. Our phone numbers have not changed. When you dial one of our numbers you may be answered by a salesman in Portsmouth or one in Hockley.  Either way, the salesman all have access to all our stock information and be able to take your order. Most stock is now in Portsmouth, but some will remain in Hockley for a while whilst extension work is completed in Portsmouth. This will not affect the shipping or your orders. The equipment will be shipped from whichever warehouse has the stock.



Peter G3OJV.

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Website Hacked   April 3rd, 2017

Our web site has been hacked into and as a result we are in the course of repairing the damage and to prevent the same happening again. Customers wishing to order can of course use email or phone and of course it does not affect our eBay site.


Peter G3OJV

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