International Ham Store Group   December 19th, 2016

Many readers of this blog will be aware of the formation of this new group based at Portsmouth in the UK. This is great news for customers because it means that this new group will be able to bring a wide range of exciting products to the ham radio operator at competitive prices and with excellent backup service. We will continue to offer great part exchange facilities and also be able to arrange collection of your trade-in gear.


Here at Waters and Stanton we are preparing to move to Portsmouth at the beginning of April. We already have in place a warehouse facility in Portsmouth and some mail order products will come from this warehouse. This facility will shortly become the central hub for the despatch of all our products. But our retail counter at Hockley and our service facilities will continue as usual during the teansitional period.

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The Truth from W&S   December 19th, 2016





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The Lie from ML&S   December 19th, 2016

Some time ago I asked about importing Avair product and was told that you already have a UK agent (as per below email).  That importer (Waters and Stanton) have now gone out of business. Could we please apply again for dealing directly? 
Dan Lynch 2E0HKS
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Martin Lynch Trouble   December 16th, 2016

The Martin Lynch company, have been found out out sending emails to our ham radio suppliers making false claims that were intended to cause maximum damage to W&S. This is a most serious and foolhardy action which says a lot about the Company and its owners. This information is now being handled by the legal authorities who will now handle this


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External Speaker for KX2 and KX3   December 5th, 2016

Peter - 1 (1)

There can be little doubt about the popularity of the two Elecraft QRP transceivers. They offer unparalleled performance whether used for bases station or portable operation. In fact the receive performance is better than most base station transceivers.


I know that a number of operators have tried using both of these transceivers for mobile operation. In fct, I myself, have operated HF mobile with both radios but, I hasten to add, as a passenger!  If I use my iPhone headset for listening, it is fine.  But the internal speaker is just not man enough for the job when competing with road noise. So I have been working on an amplified speaker arrangement that works with both transceivers.


anybody who has tried plugging a standard speaker into the KX2 or KX3 will know that the output is very low and in fact achieves nothing, The only available audio output is fro the headphone socket but not able to drive a speaker. Hardly surprising really. It s probably a combination of impedance matching and absolute outout levels that causes the limitation.


The speaker in the illustration above is a prototype and gives significantly more power output than that ached using the internal speaker, probably as much as some base transceiver designs.  The remote speaker I am usng has a somewhat more fuller frequency response as a result of it being a lot larger than the internal Elecraft ones. But the total size is not too large to be used in a compact base station setup as shown.


Once tests are completed we will probably offer this unit as an accessory for the KX2 and KX3. We plan to provide a DC lead terminated in a cigar socket to make mobile installation easy. Customers who wish to connect direct to power supply terminals can simply cut the plug and make a direct wire connection.


Peter G3OJV

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