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About once a year I make a pilgrimage to Duxford airfield in Cambridgeshire, the site occupied by the Imperial War Museum. It turned out to be an interesting day because as well as my passion for radio, I have a great interest in aviation, starting from the time when I was the in the ATC. Subsequently I was turned down by the RAF owing to colour blindness and later ,when I took up private flying, I only managed 8 hours solo before a serious eye condition grounded me for good.

During my Duxford visit I did however manage to get close to a Spitfire which was being wheeled out. The mechanics let me get closer than normal to this fabulous aircraft. An hour later it was in the air providing a spirited display and no sooner had it finished, and a second pilot repeated the display.

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Duxford - 1
My ultimate goal was the Radio Section at Duxford, hut 177, overseen by the local hams in and around the Cambridge area. On duty that day were David G8IDL and David G3UPJ (yes two Davids). The station there has some modern ham gear, but is surrounded by much WW2 gear, including a fully working T1154 and R1155 transmitter and receiver. The antenna is a Cushcraft log periodic on a tower and a G5RV for 80 and 40m.

The hut is well worth a visit as it is a radio museum in its own right. If you do managed to get along there when the hut is open, then I suggest that you ask to see inside hut 178 where there is a lot more gear to be seen, some of it in pristine condition. Anybody who was active in the 1950s or 1960s will think they are back at Tottenham Court Road, London.

It was a brief visit and I could not resist sitting in the Lancaster radio operator’s position on the T1154 and R1155 setup. I did have the pleasure of sitting in that position,Duxford
both in RAF Lancaster and the Lancaster at East Kirkby, but that is another story!

Peter G3OJV

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The HF Yagi Gets A Trim!   June 7th, 2015

XR6 - 1

The HF 6-Ban Yagi is built and is now undergoing final adjustments. Most of the roof work has now been completed and we now need to test the whole system out. As the antenna farm goes from 160m to 23cm, this is no small task!!

Peter G3OJV

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Elecraft KX3 Headset   June 6th, 2015

I am receiving regular calls from owners of the KX3 regarding a suitable headset. As this radio use a single pin 4-way mic connector it is often perceived to be a difficult problem. However, there is a simple work around that allows the use of the very well respected Heil headsets. So I have prepared a video to show this can be achieved.

Peter Waters G3OJV

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The Final Session on The Roof!   June 5th, 2015

Today the weather is very hot and we are hoping that it will remain stable for the final session on the roof tomorrow. Recent visitors to our shop will have noticed that our antenna farm on the roof is getting bigger and bigger. The most recent addition is the rotatable dipole. This has a centre section of 2 inches and absolutely no droop. The results are proving excellent, and it is a great band for demonstrating HF performance. Tomorrow’s task it to finalise the work on the 6-band Yagi covering 6m to 20m. This employs end loading to avoid collision with the VHF arrays either side.

6m and 4m remains very lively. At the moment there have been some openings on 5m to the USA from the southern art of Europe. We are hoping that there will be an opening for us here in the UK, sometime next week.

In the meantime, if you hear G0PEP on the bands, then give us a call. Peter G3OJV

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We decided to carry out some tests at our new demonstration facility here in Hockley. The results of our tests proved interesting and convinced us that Elecraft is just as good on 2m as it is on the HF bands.

Peter G3OJV

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Testing the Yaesu FT-991 on 2m   June 3rd, 2015

Here we take the opportunity of carrying out live 144MHz receiver testing on the FT-991 to see how well it performs.

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G0PEP - 1

Above is the station of Waters and Stanton, G0PEP, operated by Justin, G0KSC. The best DX was 550 miles to Germany and we worked just over 60 stations during the evening. Station comprised an IC-910H feeding 2 x 10 element LFA yagis at 60ft and running 300W with an SSB pre-amplifier at the masthead.

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WSPLC iPhone - 1

A few days ago we launched our new website and at present we are busy adding new products to it. The new site has a lot of extra features which we hope will make product search much easier and quicker. One feature that we have added is the ability for the site to become much more friendly with smart phones. You will be familiar with the problem. You log onto a site and spend ages trying to navigate the scree to where you want to go and what you need to press. Well we have changed all that now. Try it for yourself. Log on and up comes the search box. Enter your search and then see the results come up in easy to read format. You simply scroll down the screen to see the items. No navigation is needed, Try it for yourself.

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