Another KX3 Accessory   February 24th, 2015

There seem to be a lot of Elecraft accessories coming onto the market. Here is the new Watson plastic cover that clips over the front panel. Peter G3OJV

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GM3OJV/P Operating Portable   February 15th, 2015

TravelPaddleI set out this month on one of my regular trips to Scotland. I have long enjoyed Scotland, so much so that about 20 years ago I bought a cottage on the edge of Loch Linhe, Fort William. If you want to experience quiet bands, then I can recommend getting away from it all in the West Coast of Scotland. The S-meter hardly moves unless there is a signal. If only that were true in the South East!

I recently purchased a camper van. 9 years old but only 28,000 miles on the clock. My little K3 soon found a place in the kitchen area and I installed a Diamond 18MHz antenna on a hatch mount. With this I had a few CW contacts using a set of internal AA cells. But I could not resist going QRO up to 10W by connecting to the v 23leisure battery.

It is too early to assess the success of this little combination, but the ability to make a cup of coffee, in a cosy environment (I have a diesel heater) with my KX3, at some of the quietest locations in the UK, certainly has its attractions. There are also significant dB gains to be had by operating from a coastal site or with a mountain close behind which acts as a reflector (G6XN style). Peter GM3OJV/P.

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