Elecraft Dominate DXpeditions   March 21st, 2014


It is interesting to see what the various DXpeditions use in the way of equipment, because operation and transportation under these kind of conditions requires reliability. reading the latest edition of CDXC, I see that 5W8A, operating from Samoa, used Elecraft equipment for almost all the operation. This included 3 x K3s, 2 x KPA-500 amplifiers and 2 x KAT-500 ATUs.

The very next article in the magazine described a DXpedition to Wake Island, K9W and then I hunted for the gear they were using. Yes you have guessed it; they were using Elecraft entirely. In fit they were using 5 x K3 transceivers and 5 x KPA-500 amplifiers. That is a pretty good product endorsement by any standards.

And the next report after that included the K3 transceiver.

It seems the whole world is turning towards Elecraft and the best sale men are the users! There are plenty of those around.

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Here is a reminder that the Yaesu special deal will come to an end on the 31st of March. This is a cash back offer on certain models and there are full details on our web site. These super deals can be combined with our INTEREST FREE NO DEPOSIT arrangements. That really is a very big saving and financial deal. Just call one of our sales guys for the full details.

The latest additions to out weather station range is the W-8681 Pro and the W-8682 Mk II. The former noes boasts a colour display and the latter offers really amazing value. Both are proving very popular.

We are building Elecraft KX3s as fast as we can. I guess the very early Spring like weather is bringing portable operation forward this tear. I am reminded that this time last year we had snow on the ground! Quite a contrast.

Peter G3OJV

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Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 15.47.31

There is now a second video from G7CNF, that shows a real life demonstration of how Pre Distortion can dramatically clean up a signal. This is a very well put together video and very educational. Apache Labs ANAN-100 certainly makes this interesting form of processing very easy to implement.

The LINK is here.

Peter G3OJV.

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Pre Distortion, or Pure Signal, whilst not a new idea, is certainly new to ham radio. You can spend a lot of time explaining how it all works, but there is nothing like a practical video. Apache-Labs have introduced this feature into their software and this will enable owners to significantly clean up their signal. All you need is the latest software HPSDR and a few connections.

So here is the LINK to a very interesting video.

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30KHz and Below.
I was interested to read about, what is believed to be a first, the crossing of the Atlantic by amateur operators on the LF band, just below 30kHz. This in fact were one way signals transmitted from the USA at the beginning of this month and received by UK hams. The mode was slow CW.

I have never operated myself, below 1.8MHz, which by LF standards must seem like SHF! But it is great news that ham radio is still pushing the boundaries. The full information is available on the TSGB news site. I could not find any information as to power output, or ERP, but I guess that this will be published shortly.

And talking about 160m, it reminds me of the time that I used to spend on that band as a newly licensed ham. I think many G3 operators cut their teeth on that band. How things have changed. The trend has been to move up to 2m FM. I doubt that these 30kHz contacts will change things, but it is yet another area for experimenting and shows that in radio there is always something new coming along.

Today we received the first batch of our new weather station, the W-8682 MK II. This is a remarkable device and is great value. As well as all the usual functions, it measures, wind speed, direction and rain fall. All this at an amazing price of £49.95

Peter G3OJV

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RSGB Club of The Year Winners   March 13th, 2014

RSGB Club of the Year


The regional winners of the Club of the Year competition have been chosen! The winner and the two runners up of the National Competition will be selected by the Board and announced at the AGM.

Region 1: Cockenzie & Port Seton ARC
Region 2: Caithness ARS
Region 3: Wirral & District ARC
Region 4: Sheffield ARC
Region 5: Wolverhampton ARS
Region 6: Dragon ARC
Region 7: No 1 Welsh Wing ATC AR
Region 8: Mid Ulster ARC
Region 9: Reading & District ARC
Region 10: Horndean & District ARC
Region 11: Poole Radio Society
Region 12: Hilderstone Radio & Electronics Club
Region 13: Sherwood ARC


– Andrew

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