We Are Expecting Triplets!   November 17th, 2012

As many hams are appreciating, antenna traps waste valuable power in the way of losses. After all, it has long been known that any termination support at the end of any antenna needs to be a high impedance in the form of a good quality insulator. A trap is anything but a high impedance insulator. It is in reality a lossy insulator at best! And it is not only traps that contribute losses. Any form of loading also introduces significant power wastage.

From this it is abundantly clear that the best antenna is one that is full size. But the need for more than one band of operation is a major requirement for most ham stations. So it is nice to be able to announce the pending introduction of a range of tri-band full- size dipoles that can be either rotated or erected in a fixed position.

These new tri-bander dipoles come closer than you may think, to conventional 2 and 3 element trapped Yagis as the driven element has no trap losses. There are no traps or inductors and no parallel feeding. The feed impedance is very close to 50 Ohms and the span is around two thirds of a half wave. The antennas will survive 100mph winds and easily handle 2 KW.

Watch our adverts for more information. A 20-15-10m model has a turning radius of around 10ft. But of course many will be happy with erecting it in a fixed direction such as east- west.

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Christmas Open Day 2012   November 13th, 2012

The W&S Christmas Open Day is only a month away!

The annual Sports Awards took place on Wednesday 24th October at the Mill Arts & Events Centre, Rayleigh, and once again Waters & Stanton were proud to be sponsoring the ‘Disability Sports Personality of the Year Award’. This year for the first time Rochford & Castlepoint held their awards jointly which meant there were two awards to be handed out.

 This year Olympic & Commonwealth medal winning badminton player Gail Emms was there to hand out the awards, and the event was once again compered by Ben Fryer of BBC Essex.

(l-r) Nathan Benee, Rebecca Foyle, Jeff Stanton, Rebecca Griffin and Hazel Millington. 

Rochford ‘Disability Sports Personality of the Year’ Award

The winner of the Rochford Award was Gymnast Rebecca Foyle, pictured above.

Also nominated was England cerebral palsy footballer Nathan Benee who carried the Olympic Torch in Southend.

Castlepoint ‘Disability Sports Personality of the Year’ Award

The winner of the Castlepoint Award was Rebecca Griffin, pictured above, who competes for Rayleigh Topwn Archery Club and has represented the county.

Also nominated was footballer & athlete Hazel Millington.

Hockley’s annual Christmas Lights switch-on is coming soon…

…and the Best Christmas Shop Window Contest is judged soon, maybe we’ll win for once!