Jaycee Open Day This Saturday!   August 29th, 2012

This Saturday is Jaycee Electronics Annual Open Day, and as always Bill, Betty and Scott will be on hand to offer you a warm welcome.

Mark Francis and Peter Waters from our Hockley will also be there to help you with all your Amateur Radio questions and will also be giving lectures along with Justin Johnson of InnovAntennas.

There will be free street parking, free food and drink and a fantastic charity raffle with prizes worth over £1,110 that only costs £1 to enter!

For the full timetable of events and list of raffle prizes click here

See the Jaycee website here for more information

The Whispering Giant   August 2nd, 2012

We are now building the 500W Elecraft KPA500 Solid State linear amplifier. Almost unbelievably it is only 4 inches high and about 11 inches wide. This linear amplifier delivers 500+ Watts out – even on PSK31 and RTTY. Switch it on and you hear silence. Press the PTT button on your rig and you hear silence, There is no switching noise whatsoever and the KPA500 can easily follow 40wpm full QSK. There is a fan that is thermally controlled, but you hardly ever hear it come on unless the room is really warm unless you are operating extensively. Drive needed is around 40W for full output. It has a silent analogue built in power supply and two large bar graph meters show power out (inc PEP) and VSWR. There is extensive protection against overdrive and high VSWR. A separate LCD display shows voltage, power out in 1 Watt steps and other operational information. There is even an RS232 on the rear for firmware updates. And it is not necessary to be a K3 owner to enjoy this masterpiece of engineering – it will work with any transceiver that has an external PTT to earth line.

This amplifier is normally available from stock.