We received a very nice letter from Telford & District Amateur Radio Society this week, the winners of the RSGB Club of the Year which W&S sponsor, you can read the letter below. You can find out more about the Club of the Year winners at their website http://www.tdars.org.uk/index.html

“Dear Sir,

At a recent meeting I was asked to write to you, on behalf of the committee and members of TDARS, on order to thank you for the very generous prize of £1000 from your company, presented to us at the recent RSGB AGM.

Our members knew that we had won the Region 5 Club of the Year but were so very pleased to have come out the overall winner in the UK. This will take some living up to. We are all certain here that the COTY competition, with it’s support from you, has greatly encouraged more activity around the country.

The committee are now in the process of Deciding what to do with the money. A replacement generator for VHFNFD looks to be a hot favourite at the moment.

Again, many thanks for the prize. It will be put to good use.

With best wishes, Yours sincerely,

Mike G3JKX.”

Elecraft Arrives In The UK!   June 19th, 2012

Well as I write this, the first shipment has arrived via East Midlands Airport. Sadly no KX3s, but we knew that was almost certain because there is a world back order of around 1000 pieces. Talking to some USA hams, they have been waiting several months. Stock arriving will be K3s, P3s and the 500W linear. Prices are being posted on our web site this week, but if you phone, we can give you them on the phone.

We already have some items sold so there is a possibility we will be sold out pretty quickly on this shipment. You are welcome to place an order for the KX3 and we will put you on our list. But be prepared to have a wait of around 2 months.

Finally, thanks for all the interest. I personally built a K2 about eight years ago and love it. I have tried to make prices as competitive as possible as I know how much Elecraft is loved around the world and it has long been my ambition to bring it into the UK.

And please remember, we can offer our normal part exchange deals and you get a 2 year UK warranty on Elecraft.

Peter Waters G3OJV

Heil Pro-Set-3 Headphones   June 14th, 2012

Having an interest in both ham radio and music, the arrival of the new Heil ProSet-3 headphones proved interesting in both directions.

They fold down into a compact size, and with the trend towards wearing headphones on the move for portable music, this seems a welcome feature. They come with three detachable leads. One is dedicated to iPods and other Apple family products. whilst the other two are straight and curly respectively. All are terminated in 3.5mm stereo connectors and a 1/4″ adaptor is included. As soon as you put them on you notice the significant reductio in external sounds as a result of the close fitting acoustic earpieces. However, they are not heavy and I found them easy to wear for normal listening periods.

The specification indicates that they have a nominal impedance of 32 Ohms, and they are certainly easily driven. My iPhone would have produced uncomfortably loud audio at full volume. What did please me was that there was no artificial bass produced from excessive EQ design at the low end. Something that you get too often on a range of headphones. Having said that. it was the bass that caught my attention. The low end response extended well down the spectrum, but the bass was always natural and firm. The upper frequency range extended well and close miked recording of drums and cymbals confirmed this. I suspect there is a slight rise in the response on the mid range. But the stereo placement seemed good and there was no fatigue. I can imagine these headphones being ideal for live recording or monitoring work. Certainly, for using with MP3 players, they gave a good account of themselves. I also used them briefly in my music studio and they beat the pants off a pair of AKGs that I often use.

For ham radio use, they also work well. You don’t need the AF gain control turned up very far. If you open up the bandwidth on the receive side, you certainy can create some nice sounding signals. On CW they worked well for me, although some may question why you would ever need such a wide frequency range on CW? I think the straight answer to that is that you don’t but on the other hand if you want a pair of headphones that are well made, sound great on music and work well on SSB and CW, it’s a case of one fits all!

Peter Waters G3OJV.

W&S 2012 Open Day Report   June 11th, 2012

A big thank you to all who came and made our 22nd Annual Open Day a big success, despite the rain! Customers, Manufacturers, Groups & Staff made it a day to remember, and was great to see so many familiar faces and some new ones too. We’ll be putting up more pictures later this week, in the meantime, here are a couple of excellent reports from LEFARS & EssexHam.co.uk both with some great pictures, thanks!


essexham.co.uk Report

LEFARS collected their RSGB Regional Club of the Year Award, sponsored by Waters & Stanton and Jeff Stanton was full of praise:

“It was our great pleasure to welcome John & John from LEFARS to our Open Day on Sunday. Our whole motive in sponsoring both the Regional Club of the Year and now the whole National Competition is to encourage those selfless radio amateurs who do all the hard work at their local Clubs and to grow their membership. The representatives who have come along from Essex CW Club, Chelmsford ARS and now Loughton & Epping Forest ARS over the past 3 years are shining examples to us all!”

Justin, G0KSC, of InnovAntennas, gave an interesting talk on VHF and UHF antennas during our Open Day on the 3rd of June. Introduced last year, these short talks are proving very popular. Justin explained in detail, the basics of his new antenna designs and the benefits. As well as some very interesting technical detail, listeners were impressed with how quickly the ham world has recognised the benefits of the unique designs. Justin explained his professional, and expensive, software that has been used to model the antennas. It raises the  interesting question as to whether some classic designs of the past, do really achieve their claimed performances.

For our part, we are pleased to have been selected as the UK reseller for InnovAntennas and will be happy to deal with any technical questions.

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On Sunday, 3rd June at Hockley from 10am – 3 pm, we have our annual Open Day. For visitors, there will be ten percent discount, right across the board on most equipment, that also includes TVs. Imagine walking away with that brand new rig or antenna at a price ONLY AVAILABLE on Sunday.

If you cannot make the trip we can take orders by phone but we may not answer as quickly as normal due to a busy shop, so be patient!



Elecraft First Arrivals   June 1st, 2012

The first arrivals will be the K3 100W transceiver, ready built and in kit form. The price includes UK VAT of 20%, import duty and clearance, and a European 2 year warranty. Part exchange is welcome and we will continue to extend this px offer to non working ham gear. The stock will be held in Hockley and shipped direct to you. The projected retail price is £1999 for the ready built units. Kit price to follow.

If you wish to be advised when available, then mail or phone us and we will update you as we approach delivery dates.

Other models will come on stream in the coming weeks. Keep in touch.