Bob Heil, K9EID, is an accomplished musician, and on Friday 30th September, he will be playing the organ at Lincoln Cathedral. This will take place between 6.30pm and 7.30pm and is open to all visitors. This event is in conjunction with his visit to the UK as guests of Waters & Stanton. During the day of Friday 30th September and Saturday the 1st October, Bob will be at the UK Hamvention in Newark on the W&S stand and also presenting a workshop on both days. .

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World EME Conference 2012   September 27th, 2011

Waters & Stanton have been appointed as sponsors to The World EME Conference held annually at countries around the world. In August 2012 the conference will be held in Cambridge and full details will be published in due course. The EME group will have a stand at the 2011 RSGB Convention. We won’t be at the 2011 Convention ourselves as the RSGB have banned us! Read our blog entry.

RSGB CONVENTION – Cause For Concern?   September 23rd, 2011

Firstly a brief background. Waters & Stanton PLC are not new boys on the block. We’ve been around for 38 years, spent over  £1M with the Society, are longest continuous advertiser in Radcom, gave our time and all equipment free in fitting out the GB4FUN bus here at Hockley, are the sole supporters of Club of The Year and our Director Pete Waters G3OJV, was a former committee member of the RSGB. Now read on

Many will already know that we were deceived for many years by the Society who always claimed there was a written agreement in place that did not expire until 2012 and meant that no other trader could apply. Early this year we found out the truth. There never was such an agreement in place. Who in the RSGB was behind this? What was their motive? And why is the major argument that took place in 2010 between the RSGB and their “sponsors” covered up?

In March of this year, we made another application because we were told that the trade attendance was being expanded to another three traders. It took nearly three months for the Acting General Manager and the current President to agree to listen to our proposal. What they did not tell us until that meeting in June, was that back in March an agreement had hurriedly been drawn up that effectively locked us out. We protested strongly and again felt deceived. They knew they had locked us out, but failed to admit it for three months!

But the mystery continues. In August we get an email from the Acting General Manager saying we can have a table. Then another email from the Acting General Manager says there are some delicate negotiation going on. We are told to keep quiet about it. In September we are told by phone, “sorry chaps, you cannot come after all. We know that you are exclusive representatives of many brands and if the factory sent over a staff member from the USA, that would be OK. But not W&S.” So who was this delicate negotiation going on with? Who hatched the plot. Somebody in The Society must know what is going on. We would like to know what the real truth is.

The final sequel is that three weeks ago the Acting General Manager, promised by phone to give us a detailed written statement as to why we could not attend in any form, even as appointed UK representatives – for example of TenTec, Heil or AOR. Even after a number of reminders, the Society has remained silent on this subject.

This is not a vindictive posting, it is an appeal for fairness and openness. Nothing more – Nothing less. The truth will surely come out eventually. Better now than to drag on for months.

Here’s a deal to the Society. Tell us the truth, let us in in 2012 and everybody will be happy.

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Jaycee Open Day Report   September 22nd, 2011

On Saturday 17th September, the annual Open Day took place at Jaycee’s shop in Glenrothes, Fife. It was good to see so many regular faces and a few new ones as well. There were displays from Kenwood, Icom and Yaesu. A prize draw took place during which several transceivers were presented to the lucky winners. An auction also took place and raised a large amount of cash. All the cash and the proceeds of the raffle went to Cancer Research, a charity that Bill himself has raised a considerable amount of money for by selling his lovely handmade greetings cards – on sale in his shop. We would like to thank all those that supported and helped during the day and the donations and support given by Kenwood, Icom and Yaesu. It was also good to see the ever smiling faces of Bill, Betty and Scot. Sadly the RSGB did not attend or support this annual event.

The photo shows GM4AQO with his prize.

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W&S First Corporate Member of ECWARC   September 22nd, 2011

Waters & Stanton are very proud to be the first organisation to gain corporate membership of Essex CW Amateur Radio Club. ECWARC recently won the RSGB Region 12 Club of 2010 award, also sponsored by W&S.

Want to know more about the Essex CW ARC? You can follow them on twitter where their username is @ecwarc or visit their website

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Bob Heil K9EID QSL Card   September 22nd, 2011

Bob Heil, K9EID and his wife Sarah, are making a rare visit to the UK and will be at the Newark Hamfest on Friday 30th September and Saturday 1st October. Bob will be holding a workshop at 11am on the Friday and at 12.00 noon on the Saturday. These will be live demonstrations of how to get the best and most effective audio out of your transceiver. He will also be on our stand on both days to give advice and answer questions. He will also be handing out a signed commemorative QSL card for those that call at our stand. Don’t miss this occasion. He will NOT be at the RSGB Convention the following week, as the RSGB would not grant W&S permission to be there. Don’t ask us, ask the Society!


Above is an exclusive look at the QSL card Bob will be signing ONLY on the W&S stand. More National Hamfest Info here

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