Coming Soon The FG-01!   July 22nd, 2011

Here’s a glimpse of a new product that we will shortly be marketing. Covering 1-60MHz, this antenna analyser gives both graphic and absolute measurements of VSWR. It is battery powered and makes antenna adjustments a breeze. If you require to be notified of when this product is available, then e-mail us to go on the list. No price details yet.

UK Dealers For Rig Expert   July 8th, 2011

Waters & Stanton are now UK dealers for Rig Expert’s range of Antenna Analysers and Tranceiver Interfaces. The range will soon be available to order from our website, for more information click the links below.

Rig Expert Antenna Analysers PDF Leaflet

Rig Expert Transceiver Interfaces PDF Leaflet

RSGB Visit W&S   July 7th, 2011

On Thursday July 7th we welcomed the first ever visit to our offices of both the President and Acting General Manager of the Radio Society of Great Britain.
Picture shows Peter Waters, G3OJV on the left, next to Dave Wilson, M0OBW, President. Then Don Beattie, G3BJ, Acting General Manager, with Jeff Stanton, M3JJS on the right.
Jeff Stanton said it was a “great pleasure to show the visitors the operation at Waters & Stanton, where customers are supplied all over the world from a stock range of more than 6,000 products.”

CP-VU8 New From Diamond!   July 6th, 2011

We have received a few pieces of this new exciting HF antenna from Diamond of Japan. It could be the answer to the small garden problem or for portable work. It covers 80m – 70cms, stands a little under 3m high, and requires no radials. Peter Waters, G3OJV, has been testing this new design out:

“My first impression was, wow what a beautifully built antenna. Typical Japanese engineering. Hopefully the picture gives a good idea of how it goes together. It covers all HF bands (but not WARC 30-18-12) and takes in 50, 144 and 432MHz. Basically the antenna is a base fed vertical with top resonators for each HF band and Diamond’s favoured bottom resonant radials for each band. It is fed via an SO-239 socket and comes with mast mounting brackets. Ideally it should be at least around 1.5m above ground. Tuning is easy, but takes time, as each band has to be adjusted. This is achieved with telescoping whip sections that lock into place using the supplied Allen key. Instructions are in English and the only glitch was that on 80m the resonance could not be adjusted above 3.58MHz (CW section). This is easy to resolve by cutting the resonator whip to a shorter length, which would take it up to the SSB portion. However, we are hoping that Diamond will provide us with some shorter whips so that the customer has the best of both worlds. Apart from this, the antenna works fine and could indeed prove to be the answer for an all-band antenna that fits in any back garden or indeed, roof space.”