New Site & Ebay   November 24th, 2008

As most of you have probably seen, we have now got our new website up and running. There are still a few wrinkles here and there that need to be worked out, so we are still ironing those out, but for the most part the site is working well.

We have also implemented a new feature today; stock level indication. We are the first, and currently, only major dealer in the industry to have stock level indicators on our website. This means you no longer need to ring us to check if your product is in stock. If something is indicated out of stock, go ahead and order it as the product is probably on it’s way to us already.

On a related note, our feedback on Ebay recently hit 11,000 positive replies. We sell quite a lot of second hand and brand new equipment on Ebay, so take a look and you may find something you like.

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HamInfoBar: Now on YouTube   November 10th, 2008

To view the short toolbar demo click here

New Website   November 6th, 2008

We have been hard at work here behind the scenes overhauling our website. It’s now ready for public consumption and so we plan to roll it out over the next few days. Please bear with us if the site is down over this period, it probably means we are uploading the new site and all will be back to normal shortly. We hope you like the new design and features!

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