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Yaesu VX-8 Handheld   June 11th, 2008

This handheld was announced and displayed at Dayton Hamvention on 16th May 2008. Whilst the Japanese were tight lipped about all its features, word has it that it has a TNC inside and can provide APRS with the optional GPS microphone. It also has a Blue Tooth option.

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College Industry Day   June 11th, 2008

“On Friday 6th June 2008, Waters & Stanton once again supported our local Colleges Industry Day.

Greensward College in Hockley invite local businesses to take part in a day of practical activity at the College for the benefit of older students.

Waters and Stanton staff members take over a science laboratory to tell students a little about the company and then arrange a simple construction project for them to undertake. This year they assembled a simple fuse-testing project which they could take away for future use.

Once again Mike Wheaton (Zipy) and Bernard Harris ran the class for the day and then were very pleased to receive diplomas from the Principle, Debbie Godwin. She said that our work with the students is very valuable and much appreciated.”

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Open Day Charity Raffle   June 3rd, 2008

On our recent open day we held a raffle amongst everyone in attendance, in aid of Littlehavens Childrens Hospice.

We managed to raise £330.00 for the charity, so hopefully that will help them. Thanks to everyone that took part in the open day, and in the raffle, we had a great time. It won’t be long and we’ll be holding our next open day, so don’t worry if you missed out, there’s always next time.

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