As well as the comprehensive ham and swl sections HamInfoBar also has an area for space communications, including real time tracking of the ISS, Nasa TV etc.

HamInfoBar will relay the Nasa TV live coverage of the STS-124 shuttle mission, including launch, docking, space walks, and the return to Earth landing. Space shuttle Discovery is scheduled to launch 21:02 hours UTC on Saturday May 31st.

Mission STS-124 will transport the Kibo Japanese Experiment Module – Pressurized Module (JEM-PM) and the Japanese Remote Manipulator System (JEM-RMS) to the International Space Station.

Mark Francis our sales director and his son Matt are both taking part in a run for charity. The fundraiser will raise money for the Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research UK. The run is 5km long, and will take place at Blackheath in London on Sunday 13th of July.

You can sponsor them here:

Good luck to both of you from everyone at W&S.

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FREE Yaesu FT-450   May 20th, 2008

On Sunday 25th May 2008, we will be giving one lucky person an FT-450 transceiver. To win this transceiver you must visit our Open Day and collect your free raffle ticket. It is that simple.

So don’t miss out on this grand prize.

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D-Star DV Dongle   May 20th, 2008

Waters & Stanton appointed exclusive distributors

We have been appointed exclusive distributors for the new DV Dongle. What is a DV Dongle? A DV Dongle is a small device that you plug into your PC USB port. It contains the DVSI AMBE codec chip that permits encoding and decoding audio for D-Star. With the supplied software. licensed amateurs can gain entry into gateway equipped repeaters around the world. This permits operators to keep in touch with a simple laptop and enjoy talking with hams on 2m. 70cms and 1.2GHz using D-Star.

The DV Dongle is suitable for Windows XP & Vista, Mac Intel and Linux systems.

The price will be announced shortly and we hope to have stock in early June.

Waters & Stanton Open Day   May 13th, 2008

Waters & Stanton OPEN DAY – Sunday 25TH May 2008, 10AM

  • Free Food                          MEGA PRICE CRASH on loads of gear,All under one Roof
  • Free Drink                           Low Prices? You’ve seen nothing visit our OPEN DAY                                    
  • Free Parking                                     Warehouse clearance items!
  • Charity Raffle     

In Attendance;-                                                  OUR PROFITS DIVE

  • Yaesu                                                      YOUR SAVINGS RISE!!
  • Kenwood                                                
  • Icom
  • BHI
  • Essex Repeater Group
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Three To Ride 200 Miles   May 12th, 2008

Ann Tull, Lewis Tull, and Nicole White are all set to undertake a 200 mile bicycle ride in order to raise money for the Orchid Cancer Appeal. Lewis works here on Saturdays in our shop, and is temporarily working in our service department during his school holiday. Ann had a knee operation at the end of April and has not been able to train during recovery, but she is confident that she will be able to take part in the ride.

You can visit their site here:

And if you own a tandem bike they can borrow, please email them at:

We wish them all the best of luck on their long journey, and hope that Lewis comes back to work in one piece.

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Once again Tom W5KUB will be setting off to the Dayton Hamvention transmitting live streaming video and audio. Tom leaves Memphis on Wednesday 14th at 8:00 AM CDT with live coverage of his 550 mile journey to the Hamfest. The live filming continues over the whole three days.

HamInfoBar will be covering the live streaming video and audio from Toms site and also in a seperate player plus a few other items in the ‘Dayton Hamvention 2008’ section.

Check out the HamInfoBar hamfest and rally calendar: hundreds of events worldwide!

HamInfoBar Searches   May 3rd, 2008

“A great resource, much better than my usual toolbars and mess of bookmarked pages”
(from HIB Guestbook)

Wishing you had all your radio links in one place is a thing of the past. After a quick install of HamInfoBar you will have instant access to a wealth of amateur info at your fingertips, including many search opportunities.

HamInfoBar’s unique built-in W&S product search gives you immediate results no matter where you are on the web. Selecting W&S RSS from a whole bank of RSS feeds keeps you updated on the latest W&S eBay bargains. Clicking on the W&S button in the Equipment section takes you to key areas of the W&S site. You can also access Jaycee Electronics site here.

HamInfoBar’s main search is powered by the worlds number 1 search engine Google. Ham related searches from top ham search engine: CQoogle. Other ham info such as callsign lookups, APRS, DX spots supplied by ham specialists such as, HamCall, FindU, and DX Watch. There’s also a search for over 882,000 electronic component datasheets.

Conventional searches are also well catered for from famous sites such as MSN Encarta, Wikipedia, YouTube etc.

…happy searching!

Hi all, I’m glad to be given this opportunity to share what’s happening to HamInfoBar with you all. I had previously devised a small toolbar for a local group to which I belonged, and this was well received. Then, back in August last year I searched for a ham related toolbar with no success, so decided to develop HamInfoBar.

I’m sure a browser toolbar needs no introduction as many readers will have used several on offer from well known search engines. However, HamInfoBar is a totally free toolbar packed with lots of info for Hams and SWLs such as links for DX spots, propagation, satellites, forums, QSL, QRP, CW, RSS feeds, UTC clock, User and Service Manuals, Manufacturers websites etc. With the built in radio you can listen to several radio stations and podcasts including RSGB, ARRL and TWIAR news and others. Plus lots more features which I hope to outline in future blogs.

Since its launch, the toolbar has been installed on thousands of computers in 83 countries, and I have received much positive feedback from its many users. It is 100% freeware, no registration and no spyware. Why not try it for yourself, and let me know what you think?

John G0DPC

A New Author!   May 1st, 2008

We have a new author on our blog from today. John will now be writing articles on here from time to time about his HamInfoBar which is a wildly popular toolbar for internet explorer and firefox. He will be posting information about the latest updates and the toolbar in general, and by commenting you will allow him to receive your feedback.

You will find the link to the HamInfoBar homepage on the right side menu of this blog. We hope you enjoy reading his posts.

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