HamInfoBar: 5th Anniversary   July 15th, 2012

For 5 years HamInfoBar has served over 3.5 million clicks to nearly 43,000 hams and swls in 148 countries.

The toolbar provides users with easy access to callsign lookups, dx spots, sunspot info, ham news broadcasts such as GB2RS, ARRL, podcasts and much more.

The facility for hams to add their callsigns to their toolbar has proved extremely popular with several thousand hams proudly displaying their callsign at the top of their browser.

Download your free ham radio toolbar and request your callsign button:

Display your callsign on HamInfoBar   November 11th, 2009

Customising HamInfoBar is the name of the game!

HamInfoBar the free ham and swl browser toolbar offers many opportunities to customise and personalise the toolbar to the users’ requirements.

In addition to adding customised links, rss feeds, radio and podcasts etc. toolbar users can now add a button displaying their callsign along with a user defined link.

HamInfoBar has been downloaded by over 20,400 radio enthusiasts in 125 countries.

See the many features listed here: www.haminfobar.co.uk

HamInfoBar: New Website   October 16th, 2009

HamInfoBar has had a lick of paint!

Check out the new style web page and all the features this free ham radio toolbar has to offer …


HamInfoBar: 2nd Anniversary   August 9th, 2009

As HamInfoBar enters its second year I’m happy to report nearly 18,000 downloads in 124 countries. If you’re one of these folk …a big thanks for your support.

If you haven’t checked it out, why not visit www.haminfobar.co.uk to see what you’re missing!

73′ John – G0DPC

Point your mobile browser to: www.haminfobar.param.mobi

The site has just launched and more links will be added over time. Suggestions and comments always welcome.

Latest HamInfoBar figures: 15,600+ installs in 120 countries. You can find full details on this free browser toolbar here: www.haminfobar.co.uk

Check your download and upload speeds here on the HamInfoBar PC tools page.

HamInfoBar has now been installed on over 13,000 computers in 114 countries.

HamInfoBar layout

Wondering how this free toolbar can help you?
Then read toolbar users’ comments here to see how it has helped them.

John G0DPC


HamInfoBar: Now on YouTube   November 10th, 2008

To view the short toolbar demo click here

Personalising HamInfoBar   October 31st, 2008

With over 10,000 installations in 106 countries HamInfoBar is proving to be a valuable daily aid to hams and swls around the world. In addition to accessing hundreds of ham related sites, you can easily personalise the toolbar by adding your own web links, rss feeds, radio stations, and local weather.

Further customising can be done in the toolbar options.

To find out more about this free browser toolbar visit: http://www.haminfobar.co.uk

HamInfoBar: 1st Anniversary   August 10th, 2008

Today (Aug 10th) HamInfoBar celebrates its first anniversary. Thanks for all the emails and messages of support, they are a real encouragement! They can also prove to sow seeds for ideas which I have then been able to develop for the toolbar, so keep them coming.

In its first year, HamInfoBar has been installed in 95 countries worldwide, and mentioned on various ham websites, ham magazines, and several ham broadcasts (including the WIA news). It has received a great deal of positive feedback, with users finding it an invaluable tool in the hobby.

As a resource for ham radio, I intend to keep updating and expanding the toolbar so it maintains its value to all you hams.

This year has been an enjoyable learning curve for me – thanks once again for your continued support and encouragement!

John G0DPC


Links to over 200 UK ham radio clubs have been added to the UK ham radio websites section.

HIB Users: if your club has a website and is not listed please email me and I will happily add yours!