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IHSG – Nevada Radio, InnovAntennas and Waters & Stanton Unit 1, Fitzherbert Spur, Farlington, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO6 1TT, United Kingdom and Vibroplex / INRAD 1001 N, Broadway St, Knoxville, TN 37917 USA


IHSG and Vibroplex/INRAD announce the release of a new accessory product for the Icom IC-7300 which provides a receive antenna socket on the rear of the radio.


The INRAD model RX7300 allows the user to add a receive-only antenna jack to the Icom IC-7300.  This easy to install plug-in modification requires no soldering and is simple to install and easily reversible.  The RX7300 can also be used for the insertion of accessory items into the receiver chain on the IC-7300 like receive-only bandpass filters, low noise preamps, etc.   When installed, the transceiver will use the SO-239 antenna connector on transmit, and one RCA phono jack on the RX7300 for receive.  To use the transceiver in normal operation via the SO239, leave the RG-174 coax loop installed between the 2 phono sockets.


The RX7300 retails for £49.95 or £99.95 fitted and is only available through HIS group affiliated stores. Customers who purchased their IC-7300s via an IHSG store will receive a £5.00 discount from the supply only price and £15.00 discount from the installed price.

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YAESU OLD STOCK – BEWARE!   February 13th, 2017


It has come to our attention that one UK dealer is disposing of Yaesu products that are ‘old’ stock. In other words, old stock that may have been sitting around for a year or more. Would you really want to buy a year old item believing it to be new?

All our stock is current and rarely more than a month old because we turn our stock quickly and always make sure that we have no more than a month’s supply which ensures the customer receives the latest equipment from our suppliers.

The good news is that we can always match any price on Yaesu and you know that you are getting the very latest serial numbers. The International Ham Stores Group have unrivalled buying power and can match or beat any advertised price on new Yaesu stock.

Items that you need to be particularly careful of are the following models:





Peter Waters G3OJV

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WAREHOUSE CLEARANCE   January 12th, 2017

With our pending move of our main warehouse down to Portsmouth, it is time for us to start clearing out our Hockley warehouse. This is quite a task as we have been in Hockley all our life. So we have forty four years of accumulated odds and ends to get rid of. We are getting rid of most of it on eBay so it is worth checking our eBay site regularly. The link is shown below.


CLICK here.



Peter G3OJV

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The Changing Way we Buy and Sell   January 8th, 2017

When I first started Waters and Stanton forty three years ago, things were a lot different to what they are now. Perhaps not very surprising after such a long time, but it is worth looking at some of the changes.


W&S first advertised in the RSGB Bulletin in 1973. It was one of the best ways of promoting our products. The Bulletin was not alone. On the newsstands were Practical Wireless and Short wave Magazine. The latter was the magazine that first introduced me to the hobby. The first W&S advert appeared in the Bulletin in 1973. The magazine is now known as RadCom.

Then, the only way that I could find out about products that were available was by reading these magazines. Likewise the only way that I could sell products was by advertising in the magazines. It was a major source of income for these magazines. It is an important source of income for the survival of most magazines. And it is, or rather was, the reason that many ham operators and listeners, bought these magazines. But times are changing.


My recent experience suggests that anybody wanting to purchase new equipment or see what is available, is likely to turn to the internet. A retailer cannot hope to included all his products in a magazine advert and it is far cheaper to advertise products on the internet than it is in the pages of magazines. This is not good new for magazines. But what about technical articles?


In many cases these are also appearing on the internet. Take a look at YouTube and Google. There is a wealth of information here. In fact there is very little that cannot be found on the web these days. There are even reviews on the latest equipment. So where are we going?


Well it is likely that this trend will continue and it is likely to hit the ham radio market in a signifiant way. I know that we spend a huge amount of money o magazine advertising. Test adverts are showing that the response is getting less and less. So the obvious solution is to reduce the level of page advertising. But there is a reason to be concerned over this. Magazines have in the past been a way of introducing newcomers to the hobby. I have already mentioned, that was how I came into the hobby. Radom is a little different because it is not on the news stands. That is a great shame. and has certainly been a major source of income for the RSGB


There can be little doubt that magazine advertising is becoming an expense with diminishing returns. It would be a shame if advertising was taken away completely from magazines, forcing them to close. Publishers need to realise that the time is coming whereby advertising rates need to be reduced to match the falling response. It is just one example of how the web is changing the way we buy and sell.



Peter Waters G3OJV

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Yes it is now official.  IHSG is the largest retail outlet for Ham Radio and Hobby Electronics. So what does it mean for the ham radio enthusiast?


This new Group has more active radio hams than any other retail outlet. That in itself is very important. Whether deciding what to buy or wanting some technical advice, you need to talk with a fellow enthusiast who is sympathetic to your needs and understands your questions. IHSG are not box shifters whose only concern is to take your money and move onto the next customer. We offer the kind of service that we ourselves would expect, and hope for, if we were buying ham radio gear.


More and more customers are now buying mail order, either by telephone or via our web site. This makes sense because it usually means that you receive your order the next working day and don’t waste time in traffic jams or  spend money on fuel. Of course we welcome customers into our showroom with free car parking outside and a warm drink inside.


The Group’s size also means that you will get the best possiblble deal because of our buying power. And as we have more agencies than any other retail outlet, we are able to match or beat prices. This is of course good news. We also operate the largest part exchange and buy back service in the UK. And if you wish, we can arrange to pick up your used equipment.

So watch our advertising pages and web site as we roll out our latest products and latest deals. It is an exciting time for both us, and you, the customrt.


Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 22.34.31



Peter Waters G3OJV.

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BEKO VHF and UHF Amplifiers   January 6th, 2017



Waters & Stanton Ltd, part of the IHSG Group, are pleased to announce that they are now the exclusive UK agents for BEKO Amplifiers. Beko are based in Germany and are well known for producing high performance amplifiers for VHF and UHF with power outputs up to 4kW. BEKO need a distributor that had the technical backup and product knowledge to represent them. Waters & Stanton were the only dealer that met this high standard or requirement. The product range will be overseen by Justin, G0KSC, who will be happy to talk to you about the full range of BEKO products.


Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 10.10.18


The amplifier above is the HLV-1000 that will deliver up to 1.5kW output on 2m.  The standard model will deliver this power output with a drive level of 25W.  The amplifier is protected against over drive for power input levels up to 150W. We are able to offer different power input levels to customer orders, from 5W to 50W for full output. Special modified versions are also available for drive levels down to 5dBm.


One of the interesting features is that the amplifier has a built in sequencer. This can be used in two different ways. The first is using the DC output voltage on transmit to switch a mast head pre-amplifier. The second is to short two pins together on the accessory socket which then feeds the control voltage up the coax cable. This is particularly useful when using the BEKO high power mast head pre-amps.


Full detaisl are on our web site. CLICK HERE

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New Ham Radio Deal   January 4th, 2017



Waters & Stanton are now part of the IHSG Group and that means some big changes in the ham radio retail business. One of the really big announcements from the Group is a collaboration between the UK and the USA. For the full details please CLICK HERE


Peter Waters G3OJV

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International Ham Store Group   December 19th, 2016

Many readers of this blog will be aware of the formation of this new group based at Portsmouth in the UK. This is great news for customers because it means that this new group will be able to bring a wide range of exciting products to the ham radio operator at competitive prices and with excellent backup service. We will continue to offer great part exchange facilities and also be able to arrange collection of your trade-in gear.


Here at Waters and Stanton we are preparing to move to Portsmouth at the beginning of April. We already have in place a warehouse facility in Portsmouth and some mail order products will come from this warehouse. This facility will shortly become the central hub for the despatch of all our products. But our retail counter at Hockley and our service facilities will continue as usual during the teansitional period.

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The Truth from W&S   December 19th, 2016





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The Lie from ML&S   December 19th, 2016

Some time ago I asked about importing Avair product and was told that you already have a UK agent (as per below email).  That importer (Waters and Stanton) have now gone out of business. Could we please apply again for dealing directly? 
Dan Lynch 2E0HKS
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